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How can I add Census Reporter data to my site?

We want Census Reporter to make things easier for you, so we have a few ways you can take advantage of our data.

Embed Charts

By far the easiest way to include Census Reporter data is with our embeddable charts. Every chart on a place profile page has a small "embed" link at the bottom right. Click on that to get the "embed code" to use on your web page. Note that some website content management systems have restrictions about using iframes. This is outside of our control, but may be something which your administrator can adjust.

Profile Data as JSON

You can also get all of the data we use to present our profile pages with a JSON request. You need to know the geoID for the place: learn more about geoIDs on Census Reporter's Geography page.  Once you know the geoID, you can use it to construct a JSON URL. For example, the geoID for Chicago is 16000US1714000 and the profile data JSON URL is Note that you need to add a release year, since we want the data to be consistent. Also note that these are produced as a side effect of a caching process -- if you try to retrieve this data before anyone has ever looked at the profile page for a given geoID, it won't work!

In case you were wondering, we've enabled "CORS headers" so that you should be able to use this in web pages without hassle. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it!

General Purpose API

When we laid out Census Reporter's technical architecture, we separated the presentation from the data using a REST-like API. This means that you can write applications which use our data. We haven't heard of many people doing this, so we don't know how effective our documentation is, but you can learn the technical details on this page in our GitHub repository. We'd appreciate it if you let us know that you're using the API. Also, note that we still haven't worked out how to support certain queries that try to retrieve very large amounts of data, like all ZCTAs in the United States. If you really want that much data, you should probably just download it and implement a database for yourself that can perform adequately. We're happy to talk about all this stuff, though, click the "Contact Support" button on our UserVoice homepage or tweet @CensusReporter.

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